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NuHemp BIO-Nesting / NuHemp BIO-Nesting

NuHemp BIO-Nesting / NuHemp BIO-Nesting

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Litière pour petits animaux

  • Simule l'habitat naturel de l'animal.
  • Ses propriétés naturelles anti-moisissure et anti-microbiennes assurent un contrôle inégalé des odeurs.  
  • Sans agents de blanchiment, produits chimiques ou pesticides.
  • Faite à partir de ressources renouvelables de l'environnement.
  • Litière durable, hygiénique et naturelle au pouvoir isolant.
  • Couverture et pouvoir absorbant deux fois plus élevé que les litières à bases de copeaux.
  • 100% biodégradable.
  • Fait au Canada.

5 litres

    Small Animal Bedding

    NuHemp BIO-Nesting is made from the inner core and outer fibres of the hemp plant stem which is grown and processed entirely in Canada. It is not bleached and no chemicals or pesticides are added at any stage of its growth thus producing a completely green product which is fully recyclable into a useful organic compost. For good health and well-being, small animals need a hygienic, warm, soft and comfortable habitat/bed which will absorb moisture and ammonia, giving a clean, dust-free environment. BIO-Nesting is anti-microbial, is twice as absorbant as traditional bedding materials such as wood chips, fibre or pulp and is virtually dust-free.

    • Anti-microbial and virtually dust-free
    • Natural and biodegradable
    • Absorbs twice as much as conventional bedding material
    • Closely resembles the animal's natural habitat
    • Made in Canada

    5 litres

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