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Critter Gnaw Dents — Critter Gnaw Dents

Critter Gnaw Dents — Critter Gnaw Dents


Les Critter Gnaw Dents sont des morceaux de bois de feuillu entièrement naturels qui aident à satisfaire l'instinct naturel des rongeurs. Le bois provient de sources renouvelables, et seulement des branches sont utilisées, jamais l'arbre entier. Ils sont sécuritaires et entièrement naturels, sans insecticides, sans colorants ni saveurs artificiels.

Critter Gnaw Dents satisfy the natural chewing behavior of rodents. Made from natural hardwood grown in the Pacific Northwest, they help keep the teeth trim and clean. The wood is harvested from a sustainable source, only branches are cut, not the entire tree. They are safe and completely natural, they contain no insecticides, and no artificial colors or flavors.

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